FIBA Basketball world cup 2019 First round point table

Wrold cup 2019

FIBA world cup 2019 Point Table

BIFA wrold cup 2019 point Table
FIBA World Cup 2019

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Benefits of FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 POINT: table for the first time, the FIBA Basketball World Cup will qualify 7 teams directly to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. As such, the top ranked team from Africa, Asia and Oceania respectively and the top 2 ranked teams each from the Americas and Europe at the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 will all qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Games. The 16 next best teams at the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 will each be granted a place in 1 of the 4 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments in 2020, where they will have another chance to qualify for the Olympic Games

Classification of teams

  1. FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 POINT TABLE Rules
  2. The highest number of points earned, with each game result having a corresponding point:
  3. Win: 2 points
  4. Losing 1 point
  5. Loss by default: 1 point, with a final score of 2–0 for the opponents of the defaulting team if the latter team is not trailing or if the score is tied, or the score at the time of stoppage if they are trailing.
  6. Loss by forfeit: 0 points, with a final score of 20–0 for the opponents of the forfeiting team.
  7. Head-to-head record via points system above
  8. Point difference in games among tied teams
  9. Points for in games among tied teams
  10. Point difference in all group games
  11. Points for in all group games

FIBA Basketball World cup First Round Point Table

Wrold cup all Team in First round

Group A

S.NoTeamMatchWin LossPFPAPDPtsQualification 
1Poland330239208316Second Round
2Venezuela321228210185Second Round
3China(H)312205206-1417th-32nd Classification 
4Lvory Coast303189237-48317th-32nd Classification 

Group B

S.NoTeamMatchWin LossPFPAPDPtsQualification 
1Argentina333258211476Second Round
2Russia321230219115Second Round
3Nigeria31226624224417th-32nd Classification 
4South Korea303208290-82317th-32nd Classification 

Group C

S.NoTeamMatchWin LossPFPAPDPtsQualification 
1Spain330247190576Second Round
2Puerto Rico321213218-55Second Round
3Tunisia312205235-30417th-32nd Classification 
4Iran303213235-2 2317th-32nd Classification 

Group D

S.NoTeamMatchWin LossPFPAPDPtsQualification 
1Serbia3333232031206Second Round
2Italy322277215625Second Round
3Angola311204278-74417th-32nd Classification 
4Philippines300210318-108317th-32nd Classification 

Group E

S.NoTeamMatchWin LossPFPAPDPtsQualification 
1United States330279204756Second Round
2Czech Republic32124724075Second Round
3Turkey3122542513417th-32nd Classification 
4Japan303188273-85317th-32nd Classification 

Group F

S.NoTeamMatchWin LossPFPAPDPtsQualification 
1Brazil330265245206Second Round
2Greece321266236305Second Round
3New Zealand312284288-4417th-32nd Classification 
4Montenegro303216262-46317th-32nd Classification 

Group G

S.NoTeamMatchWin LossPFPAPDPtsQualification 
1France 330271194776Second Round
2Dominican Republic321206234-285Second Round
3Germany31223821028417th-32nd Classification 
4Jordan30320227977317th-32nd Classification 

Group H

S.NoTeamMatchWin LossPFPAPDPtsQualification 
1Australia330276242346Second Round
2Lithuania321275203725Second Round
3Canada 313243260-17417th-32nd Classification 
4Senegal 300175264-89317th-32nd Classification 

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